Supervise the entire Quality Control process remotely, as if you were in the factory.

It's time to change

Companies must be able to deal with the interruption of control processes in an agile way, managing to cope with pandemics, strikes of natural events.

That’s Visiòn’s mission.

The first remote control system that allows you to supervise the entire process over the course of a morning, as if you were in the factory.

From Delhi to Alicante, from Ho Chi Minh to Yangon you will always have full control and supervision in the creation of your products in real time.

Why Visiòne?

Go back to have full control over your Supply Chain as if you were there.

Not just a Video-call

It will be a Dinamic Experience. Operators will wear a camera connected to your experts remotely. This way they will be able to communicate with them, show the factory and work the products hands – free.

Save Time and Money

No more travel times and costs for inspectors.

Real-time visibility in one Click

Full hd video and audio to ensure speed and efficiency for the entire control team.

Training and Assistance

Our team will be available for the initial set up of Vision. In 2h we guarantee full autonomy to the operator. Also there will be assistance for any problem.

Sustainable growth

Savings about 250 kg of Co2 per year (1 tree absorbs between 10 and 20 kg per year).

Your access from the past

All information will always remain available respecting the highest standards of privacy and security. This way, you can review them and trace the cause of the problem.

We can help you if

Who used it

We want to clear all your uncertains

Other questions? We’re ready to support you.

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