What is Sustainability for us ?

Our Forest

The trees we have chosen to plant can absorb enough CO2 from the atmosphere to fill up 449 trucks!

We do strongly believe that transforming the Supply Chain into a Value chain means giving back to the planet.

So working together with Treedom, we have decided to start building a forest for Brands we are partnering with to set a new standard in the fashion industry.

We have also collected the data necessary to calculate and measure the emissions of our operations and acted accordingly to limit our environmental impact.

Every year we will continue planting trees with the objective of becoming climate positive. 


To be really sustainable you will need to prove it!

Do you have the right tool to do that?

“Brands have to communicate transparently to the consumer and thus creating trust that will pays off economically.

But that is actually only the second step.

In a first step, companies have to work on boosting the traceability of their operations, and share the best practice working together  with their supplier network.”

Initiatives & Projects

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