Empower your supply chain traceability

We can’t improve what we can’t measure and traceability is the first step to enable a positive change.
How to measure your sustainability effort and how to trace your entire supply chain?
Meet the ID Factory team!

Are your products sustainable?

Less than 10% of brands have a full knowledge about their supply chain, but 65% of consumers supports who claims to be sustainable.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry.

Are your products sustainable enough? Consumers will love and buy them?

Our platform

The ID factory is a traceability supply chain platform designed by Italian fashion industry experts to unlock the change.
We help managers and brands to map, measure and thrive in the sustainable future through Traceability, Transparency and Efficiency.

Our goal was to create a data centric platform for the fashion industry to support brands to easily manage their supply chains and measure the environmental and social impact to make a first necessary step towards sustainability.

Massimo Brandellero

3 Key Factors guide our path​


 Nothing can be changed without reliable and accurate data: we provide and structure them, measuring what really matters.


We succeed in the most ambitious challenge: we give to brands complete and transparent information throwout their entire value chain.


 Sustainability is a journey: we support brands in mapping their suppliers and monitoring their environmental and social performance.

Meet our founder

Do you want to find out how to measure your sustainability effort and how to trace your entire supply chain?

We’ll be at Expo Riva Schuh 2021 from 18th to 20th, July, to discuss about how to increase our commitment to sustainability and reduce environmental impact.

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