THE ID FACTORY® mainly focuses on Fashion Industries, providing them useful services to get the information and materials flows easy, transparent and monitorable along the supply chain.

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  • Supply Chain Platform
  • LabID
  • Traceability System
  • Digital Material Library

Supply Chain Platform

The ID Factory® mainly targets brands which have a large and delocalised supply chain. Globalisation makes it easy to move productions from one country to another and to subcontract work from supplier to supplier, but, at the same time, this means losing control over the supply chain.
The ID Factory® platform therefore aims to bridge this gap in terms of control, enabling the various parties involved in the supply chain to use a single communication channel and share the information in real-time, increasing the speed and transparency


  • Eliminates the self-referentiality of the information exchanged
  • Transparency and reliability of the information
  • Eliminates any arguments before they begin
  • User-friendly, easy and quick to implement
  • Manages an unlimited amount of information in a way organised to facilitate strategic/organisational/commercial analyses
  • Puts the user in a position to make decisions based on full, immediate and transparent information
  • Ready to use system with no need to sustain any type of investment in terms of time, money or other resources.
  • Economically sustainable on all levels.

Lab ID

Lab ID is an exclusive service supplied by The ID Factory® involving two phases:

Process prevention and control
During the material design phase, the aim of LabID is to guarantee its compliance with the RSL parameters. This can be done by analysing the raw material and the samples of the material provided.
Subsequently, through process procedures and checks, LabID provides a reasonably reliable way to maintain said compliance for each lot of material produced.

Managing a non-conformity with the RSL parameters becomes simple and rapid thanks to the trackability system of The ID Factory®.


  • Detailed and specific checks
  • Clear definition and quantification of the responsibilities with undisputable data, in case of quality complaints
  • Safety of the production in line with the set requisites
  • Prompt intervention in case of non-conformity: LabID enables the seriousness, dimensions and causes to be rapidly evaluated and the corrective actions needed to solve the problem to be implemented with the lowest possible impact
  • Reduction of the risk of having to manage damage to the reputation and image and/or economic damages for loss of sales, reduced sales, disputes, delays, fines, compensation, etc.
  • Reduction in the number of complaints

Traceability System

Brands need to provide the consumer with a guarantee of the quality of their product, but in most cases, the production model currently in force requires the brand to select the raw materials and the suppliers of these elements and delegate the purchasing of the same to the companies that manufacture the end product for them. However, this model does not enable the brand to exercise any real control over the raw materials used (for example, the footwear factory may not follow the indications received from the brand and purchase part of the raw materials from other “unofficial” suppliers who fail to guarantee compliance with the requested quality standards).

The ID Factory®’s innovative trackability system,which is capable of registering the entire production cycle(both in-house and at third party manufacturers), recording the materials from source to production and on to the use of the end product

The main advantages are:

  • All the players of the supply chain involved in the processes have access to all the information about the materials in each supply order in real time
  • Full transparency for producers, distributors and, if desired, also for the end consumer
  • In case of a complaint, the disputed quantity and quality data can immediately be available.
  • The brand has access to information that enables it to evaluate the performances of the various players in the supply chain
  • The data are instantly reliable as most of them are added

Digital Material Library

It’s a digital collection book.

Digital Material Library partially replaces the traditional catalogue book and, in addition, integrates it with many more features, like for example Business Intelligence function or photosearch technology.

People that login your APP will be able to consult your digital material library and search materials, use the photosearch engine and order directly to you samples in a few seconds.


  • You will save money because you will need to create less traditional collection book and make less delivery of them
  • Users can consult your collection in every moment with your APP in their smartphone
  • Users can easily order samples directly from your APP and receive by the system a push notification
  • You can monitor, through a dashboard with graphics and KPIs updated in real time, how your users use your APP
  • Users can create a wishlist of materials from your collection and share to a third person.
  • Service improvements and updatings for free

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