Empower your supply chain traceability

We can’t improve what we can’t measure and traceability is the first step to enable a positive change.
How to measure your sustainability effort and how to trace your entire supply chain?
Meet the ID Factory team!

Are your products sustainable?

Less than 10% of brands have a full knowledge about their supply chain, but 65% of consumers supports who claims to be sustainable.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry.

Are your products sustainable enough? Consumers will love and buy them?

Our platform

The ID factory is a traceability supply chain platform designed by Italian fashion industry experts to unlock the change.
We help managers and brands to map, measure and thrive in the sustainable future through Traceability, Transparency and Efficiency.

Key Factors guide our path​

Analytics & Reporting

We give you access to Intuitive reports, order forecasts and infographics to support effective decision making.

Suppliers Mapping

We completely digitalize your supply chain mapping your end-to-end suppliers network and going belyond 1st and 2and tier-suppliers.

Real time data on operations

We provide your brand real-time visibility over their global operations through an easy and intuitive interface to reduce waste, inefficiencies and costs empowering a circular economy.

Digital ID

We trace data about each step of the production process from raw material, through manufacturing to prove and share your
sustainability statement.

Your dedicated tool kit for the monitoring product progress, your suppliers delay and sustainability processes.

Trusted partner in navigating your traceability journey

We want to erase all your doubts

I’m a bit curious: what happens during the 30 minute Demo call?

First of all, the Demo call is an excuse to get to know each other better, listen to your requests and needs. 

During the call, we will present the features of our platform, and we reply to your doubts and curiosities.

It’s a great chance to understand how we can help your brand grow and which is the right direction based on your business needs.

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Other questions?

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