What does The ID Factory do?


Raw material procurement Platform

The Raw Material Procurement platform tracks your material flow throughtout your entire supply chain thanks to the creation of a digital twin enabled by the QR code technology, giving useful insights about your suppliers’ performance. 

It provides real-time information for the effective management of orders, bill of materials, delivery lead time and the forecast of orders.

Manufacturing Platform

The ID Factory Manufacturing Platform follows the Raw Material flow along the manufacturing process to set up an intuitive tool to monitor in real time the product WIP (Work In Process), production Down Time and Inventory status.

Virtual Room

The ID Factory Virtual Room Platform is the remote-control system that allows you to supervise remotely the entire production and quality process, as if you were in the factory. 

Thanks to a high-quality resolution camera that is provided to your factories, you can e-meet the workers and the facilities without moving from your office.

Quality Platform

The ID Factory Quality Platform is a system that digitizes the quality control of the raw materials and finished products using well know international quality standard. 

The Quality Platform collects and connects data from Raw Materials to Finished Products, links them automatically to Restricted Substance Limit test reports and performance once, registers any inspector activity and provides a Real Time picture of all related Quality Control activities.

Sustainability Platform

The Sustainability Platform automatically provides the information to univocally identify all the material components, factory and geographical origin of the final product thanks to the complete integration with your management system. 

We empower the brand to easily share the product supply chain story with the end customer through a digital id.

Decision Room

The ID Factory Decision Room supports the brand in making timely, informed data-driven decisions, thanks to the KPI Dashboard the brand can monitor their supply chain data available 24/7. 

Suppliers KPI data include the Super Supplier Ranking based on Sustainability, Service, Quality, Costs and Traceability. 

Additional KPIs include AVG delivery days, ETD, ETA,  Order forecasts, surveys , reports and claim management.


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