What does The ID Factory do?


Raw material procurement Platform

Real-time information from brands’ supply chain networks has become more and more important and urgent.

Raw Material procurement platform cover the lack of transparency : Tier 2 to Tier 1.

The Fashion industry needed to embrace new digital approaches to the process along the supply chain to gain transparency, reliable information, in a real-time base.

Manufacturing Platform

The ID Factory Manufacturing Platform follows the Raw Material flow along the manufacturing process to set up an intuitive tool to monitor in real time the product WIP (Work In Process), production Down Time and Inventory status.

It’s a kind of  “Data Mall” where all documents and supply chain performance data are safely stored and generated, available 24/7.

Wherever you are whatever you may need: as any part of The ID Factory platform, accessibility and ease of use are granted, so just switch to your PC get an internet connection and you are in.

Quality Platform

A system that digitizes the quality control of the raw materials and finished products using well know international quality standard. 

The Quality Platform collects and connects data from Raw Materials to Finished Products, links them automatically to Restricted Substance Limit test reports and performance once, registers any inspector activity and provides a Real Time picture of all related Quality Control activities.

Virtual Room

Quality Control Process next generation!

The first remote control system that allows you to supervise the entire process in the course of a morning, as if you were in the factory.

“We can improve only what we can measure.”

For this reason, we are open to develop new exciting features together, to make better decisions based on real datas.

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