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Transparency, traceability and sustainability are core values that we share with ID Factory. Their innovative traceability system monitors the flow of information, performance and materials through the entire production supply chain. It has provided Euro Brand Management the opportunity to manage and control every detail of order processing, production, and delivery management. Through their “cloud-based platform” we have achieved greater transparency in our processes with suppliers and customers, in addition allowing us to identify areas of improvements and economic savings.

Luigi Grosso
Managing Director at Euro Brand Management GmbH

After almost 1 year of implementation of The ID Factory I want to thank you because your platform allowed us to achieve several goals. More than all right now we are able to trace all our main materials used for Tommy Hilfiger Footwear and make sure that certifications as LWG, GRS and OCO are carried on in our supply chain. We always nominate our main materials but through the platform we are able to see in live what’s the status and make sure our factories follows our directives. Traceability and transparency are fundamental to guaranty sustainability that is a pillar value for us. I’m looking forward for the next implementation with others component and even higher technologies (on a fast pace as always).

Nicolò Giusti
Senior Manager Sourcing & Production at Tommy Hilfiger
Wortmann Group - Product Academy

As we as Wortmann group have the goal to get our product management fit in all aspects of footwear development we surely also need to talk about leather – from beginning to end. With IDFactory as a partner we were able to set up a training concerning different aspects of this topic. With their wide network to different industries we were able to visit chemical suppliers, different kind of tanneries, test labs, the local treatment plant and the leather school in Arzignano. Sourcing of raw material, tanning and different production processes, several types of finish and final inspection of hides were discussed with experts. It is necessary to understand the complete supply chain if we want to talk about quality, sustainability and traceability. Sure we will go into more projects with IDFactory.

Wortmann Group
Product Academy

Colorsearch and sharing are the key points of the digital material library, by which “ The ID Factory” has revolutionized and expanded the concept of the traditional catalogue book in the tanning industry. The professionalism, the continuous research into the development of the latest technologies and the smart feature of the company became part of our mindset, creating a vision involved in the future and applying it to an industry that still struggles to express itself in these terms.

Lorenzo Meschini
Conceria Opera
Robert Hung

A little over 4 years ago we realized it is extremely complex and time-consuming tasks for the company who have ranges of products in variety of geographically locations. The ID factory® have come to us to inform the existence of simple platform as the solution without promoting bureaucracy workflow which we will never approach. It has proved itself for last 2 years it is one of most successful IT introductions in our company. There are steps going forward in a developing comprehensive tool from the ID factory® and I believe that it is a wise.

Robert Hung
Head of Material Novi Footwear Co Ltd

In a world where the growth must be sustainable, “traceability” becomes synonymous with “quality assurance”. The ID Factory® was born as daughter of a new development model that must consider this new vision for giving to the product the added value which will ensure to the future companies to win the global market challenges.

Adriano Nizzaro
Sales Manager at Faeda spa

Order, method, constancy. These are three necessary requirements for achieving results in each ambit. This is the guide that Vuerre pelli tries to follow every day and, in this, found perfect tuning with The ID Factory®. The ID Factory® team, with its considerable expertise in software management and shoes industry supply chain dynamics, had the brilliant intuition to design and develop services that are absolutely innovative and functional, which Vuerre Pelli is using with satsfaction, providing to our customers a new and appreciate support (digital material library, orders monitoring, leather traceability) wiht less effort and cost savings.

Gianni Vecchi
Owner of Vuerre Pelli

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