Treedom – How do you help fashion brands in communicating sustainability?


Treedom is a B corporation that allows you to plant trees remotely and follow it online. Its activities inspire and involve people and companies, especially fashion brands.

How does it do it? Watch the interview!

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Interview topics


0:00 – Presentation

0:17 – What is Treedom?

01:42 – Mission and vision of Treedom

05:14 – When did you decide to become a b-corp?

06:57 – Which was the major challenge you faced dealing with the b-corp certification?

08:28 – How is your the way you’re working with your clients in this way?

11:11 – You are working with a lot of fashion companies, could you please tell us more about that

20:25 – Do you think that being a b-corp has also been a trigger professional companies to choose your business and work with you?

22:14 – Do you think fashion companies are on the way to become b-corp?

24:49 – How do you inspire fashion brands ?

26:54 – How do you see the future of Treedom in the next year?


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It is the first community for fashion brands to unlock change. We aim to gather all fashion b-corps together in one place in order to share the best practices for promoting regenerative and sustainable fashion.

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