The Show Must Go On-Line

Einstein in 1931 said: “It’s in crisis that inventiveness is born, as well as discoveries made and big strategies. He who overcomes crisis, overcomes himself, without getting overcome”.


The Digital Fair


In a partnership with Première Vision Sport and Material Exchange, The American Events  INC, a premier events management company that organize four of the US best shows annually for materials and component sourcing, develop The Digital Material Show.

This year NW Materials Show, scheduled for Feb. 12–13 and the NE Materials Show scheduled to take place Feb. 5–6, have been cancelled because of the pandemic.

The two best US shows for materials and component sourcing whose mission is connecting  material supplier all around the world with footwear and apparel manufacturers develop a new innovative edition under the management of Hisham Muhareb, the trade show manager .

It is a kind of digital fair that act as a unique ‘Virtual Exhibitor Booth’ where the material suppliers can upload the Virtual Twins of the physical material samples and share them with brands and manufacturers for 30 days (July 15-Aug 25)

The Digital Material Show offers also a multiple interesting webinar hosted by important people in the sector such as Matt Priest, Julio Ciocia, Fernando Bellese, Egbert Dikkers, and exclusive live networking sessions to virtually meet with suppliers and brands.


A new sustainable approach


As it is impossible to predict how the current situation will evolve, replacing traditional physical events with digital events is becoming increasingly popular and has proved to be an excellent solution at trade fairs, exhibition halls, conferences that have always been unrepeatable and essential opportunities for the creation of commercial relationships, even internationally.

The transformation from the traditional event to this innovative digital way has a lot of advantages.

First of all it allow to reduce the cost both for those who organize it and for those who participate.

Everyone can easily access without moving from their home or office, saving travel time in addition to money.

The digital transformation allows also to experiment with new innovative methods of content communication, interaction management and involvement.

Therefore, not only the participants and the organizers, but also the environment, derive a benefit from the virtual fairs that reduce the pollution and environmental impact caused by the organization of the physical events and the related people and stuff displacement.

The historical period we are living in is unique and will surely be remembered for forcing us to change and evolve radically within a few weeks, to adapt to a completely new existence.

A reality that has led to a change in lifestyles and has forced workers to reinvent themselves and adopt new strategies.

Now it’s time to have a new innovative and sustainable approach and embrace new technologies such as blockchain to give continuity to your business and improve it. 

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