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The ID Factory's objectives of excellence: the Lab ID project

The ID Factory has recently launched Lab ID, a new platform dedicated to chemical risk assessment.


If one of your customers has ever complained about your products because of chemical-related problems, you should already feel really involved – not to mention those unpleasant situations in which your product failed a quality test.
Whether it is an isolated case or the indication of a bigger issue in your supply chain, failing in maintaining a certain standard has always consequences.


First and foremost, non-compliance with standards (and expectations) could heavily damage your corporate image. Moreover, a disappointing outcome in chemical risk assessment might easily lead to heavy fines. Damaged reputation, financial loss, and personal frustration – these are just some of the issues that irregularities can produce.


The ID Factory has embraced the challenge of figuring out a way to make things easier for all the parties involved in leather production. The result of a four year in-depth research, experimentation, and technological development is Lab ID, a brand new tool that could easily turn the tide in your favor.


Lab ID can reduce the risk of chemical-related problems by 99%, making your leather failsafe in almost no time. We are talking about a sophisticated monitoring system which focuses on your production and supply chain in order to increase awareness and reduce the chance of manufacturing defects.


Today, Lab ID is a control protocol certified by Bureau Veritas. The protocol monitors the entire tanning process in order to verify that the end product is compliant to your RSL and limit imposed by government’s laws.


The tanneries which have already implemented Lab ID registered a drop by 99% in failed exams in the time frame of a single season. In order to achieve such brilliant results, the control protocol monitors the supply chain starting from raw materials, going beyond the usual random testing procedure.


Lab ID comes in combination with an ad hoc platform which enables the user to examine all the documentations related to compliance. All the papers and records are signed by suppliers, who have to fill out an accreditation form. Then, the up-to-date record of the suppliers' certifications makes it possible to view a Supplier Score, a chart that can be used to evaluate your supplier.


If you want to improve your supply chain and achieve better results in terms of uniformity of the end products and chemical risk assessment, please contact us to receive more information about The ID Factory's Lab ID.