Rifò – 3 B Corp best practices to share with fashion companies


Rifò is a B Corp and an emerging brand of clothes and accessories.

Thanks to a mechanical and craftsmanship process developed in the textile district of Prato they are able to turn fabric leftovers and old clothes into new garments with identical qualities to the original products.

This method allows us to recycle textile waste and sensibly reduce the amount of water, dyes and chemical products used in the production. Their mission is to create a fashionable and high-quality garment line made entirely in Prato with 100% recycled and recyclable fibers.

How does they do it?

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0:00 – Presentation

03:29 – When you decided to become a B-Corp?

05:35 – Which have been the biggest challenges?

06:47 – What is you commitment to circular economy?

08:38 – How do you see the future of the fashion industry? Would it be circular, b-corp or both of them?

11:25 – Becoming B-Corp is something that can support fashion companies making the next step forward towards circularity?

13:09 – 3 B-Corp best practices to share with fashion companies

18:47 – Are people ready to pay more for a sustainable product?

22:00 – Which are the things you have learn to avoid?

26:30 – What changes would you like to see in the fashion industry in the next few years?


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