QR codes: why and how they can help to improve your business

Now it’s time to consider the advantages that QR codes present as a highly inventive and unique technology that comes with a wide variety of applications.

In fact, they not only improve marketing campaigns, but are also useful within a company itself and can directly influence its growth.

They can be customized and are used, for example, to get more attendance at events, share video files, increase app downloads, include coupons, place them on the product packaging, collect customer feedback and much more.

Their potential is unlimited; just think that unlike barcodes, qr codes contain hundreds of times more information and has a greater potential to contain them in a smaller space.


Why should your company use QR codes?


Studies show that consumers who use QR codes tend to spend more.

According to Business Insider, 1 in 5 people in the world own a smartphone. People use those phones to connect with their social networks, surf the web, shop, find restaurants and more.

The growing number of free apps and websites optimized for mobile devices allows people to do things on the go that they couldn’t do ten years ago.

QR codes offer consumers a quick way to connect to their favorite brands and businesses. Shouldn’t your business be one of these?

What most people can’t understand is how these small symmetric codes can make a big impact.

In fact, they are an easy way to direct you exactly where companies want you to go, see what they want and take action in their interest.

Despite all the benefits listed above QR codes are not yet widely used by companies for their social media marketing.

Therefore, if you use them for your marketing, they can help you differentiate your company from others; you’ll be sure to stand out as a strategic marketing leader.

An example is Verizon (the largest wireless telecommunications provider in the United States) who carried out their social media marketing campaign using QR codes to target and engage users with their Facebook page, or Snapchat which introduced them in 2015 under the name “Snapcodes” (this feature basically allows users to scan the codes to view other users’ social media pages).

Even your company can benefit from the use of QR codes in your social media marketing campaigns; it will certainly stimulate enthusiasm among your customers, help you stand out from the competition and ensure that your campaign is not easily forgotten.

Another example of a company that has embraced the “qr code” method but this time for payments is Paypal: recently the platform has in fact presented a new payment system via QR code that allows you to send and receive payments while remaining at a safe distance. No contacts, no cash, no signatures.




QR codes are the definition of an innovative marketing method and could be the factor that adds a spark to an already successful company, so why not start right now?

Keep up with me for my next article … we will talk about traceability with QR codes.


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