Prèmiere Vision Paris 2019: The ID Factory makes the office of tomorrow real

Prèmiere Vision Paris 2019: The ID Factory makes the office of tomorrow real

Twice a year, the convention center known as Paris-Nord Villepinte hosts a 3 day event that brings togheter fashion professionals and companies from all around the world. It’s called Prèmiere Vision Paris and turns the French capital of fashion into a exceptional hub for research and innovation.

The first edition of the event took place in 1973, when 15 weavers from Lyon region decided to present their latest fabric collections at the International Textile Center in Paris. From that year until 2004, Prèmiere Vision took place seven more times, skipping some yearly editions but gradually increasing its relevance and appeal. Over the last 15 years the event has evolved into a can’t-miss date for every fashion professional, from designers to manufacturers, and today it represents an unmissable immersion into the AW 20/21.

With more than 1900 exhibitors, Prèmiere Vision offers interesting and targeted events meant to inspire creativity and raise awareness about trends, materials, and the market. Moreover, conferences and workshops given by industry insiders and specialists provide visitors with valuable data and interesting thoughts, encouraging reflection and debate.

Prèmiere Vision Paris 2019 includes 10 different “universes”, each one focused on a particular subject: yarn, fabrics, leather, designs, accessories, manufacturing proximity, manufacturing overseas, manufacturing knitwear, smart creation, and manufacturing leather. Four different visit trails allow visitors to follow different paths of discovery, choosing among Sport&Tech, Smart Creation, Confection, and Small Minimum Quantity. This kind of approach makes people spend their time inside the convention by following their own paramount interests and satisfying their needs).

The ID Factory is taking part to Prèmiere Vision by joining the Smart Creation universe, where we will be able to present our idea of innovation through a different, extra-ordinary experience: Inside The ID Factory. Thanks to virtual reality, we will be able to provide our visitors with an immersive experience that will give the impression of physically entering the “office of tomorrow” – a smart, super-organized, and extremely efficient approach to supply chain management.

Inside The ID Factory will be made available to the public also thanks to our partners from the leather industry: their exhibition stands will host a VR corner each so that a larger number of visitors can enjoy this new experience. In case you are interested in trying, please note that the experience is for a limited number of participants and it is reserved to Première Vision‘s guests. You can book your place here, and if you do it by August the 31st, you will receive a free Cardboard VR.

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