Inside The ID Factory: data from Prèmiere Vision Paris

inside the id factory

Last September, The ID Factory took part in the latest edition of Prèmiere Vision Paris, a major event which brings together fashion professionals and companies from all around the world. Thanks to a little field research and the priceless willingness of several participants, we were able to evaluate our VR company presentation and assess its usefulness.

Inside The ID Factory

In the convention center of Paris-Nord Villepinte we had the chance to share the experience of Prèmiere Vision Paris with many other exhibitors (more than 1900).

We were part of the Smart Creation Universe, one of the four different visit trails offered to the participants. There, we had the chance to present our corporate mission through an extra-ordinary VR experience: “Inside The ID Factory”.

The intriguing opportunities of virtual reality, offered our visitors an engaging experience that gave the impression of physically entering the “office of tomorrow” – an innovative space in which supply chain management is absolutely smart, super-organized, and extremely efficient)

Thanks to our partners from the leather industry we had the chance to place different VR corners in their exhibition stands, and many visitors had the exclusive pleasure of discovering the office of tomorrow)


87.1% of all the participants rated the experience with a score of 4/5 or above, and 90.3% of them considered it useful to understand the corporate mission of The ID Factory.

74.2% of the VR users found the subjects covered by the experience particularly relevant for their daily jobs (score: 4/5 or above). When we asked the participants about the key topics they remembered the most frequently mentioned subjects were supply chain management, traceability, Key Performance Indicators, and transparency.

Possible Delay Advise, KPI, and the Live Chat features all got a 83.8% rate of Interested/Very Interested participants, while the Supply Chain Monitor got a score of 4/5 or above in 90.3% of cases.

87.1% of all the participants decided to entrust The ID Factory with their personal data, and 77.8% of them agreed to receive further communications from the company.

The field research has confirmed that the objectives pursued by The ID Factory are considered to be essential by a considerable number of players and we are glad to see that an increasing number of industries seems to be acknowledging the value of our goals.

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