The ID Factory General Manager hosted in an upcoming event by Politecnico Calzaturiero

Politecnico Calzaturiero

On January the 13th The ID Factory will take part in the event “Passion for beauty between past and present: professions of excellence in Made in Italy” by Politecnico Calzaturiero.
The event will be held at Villa Foscarini Rossi in Stra (VE), and it will be focused on the changes and the innovation which are transforming the footwear sector.

Selected testimonials will actively interact with the young audience in order to discuss the essential elements of the success achieved by Made in Italy products, and they will introduce the latest digital technologies that are proving to be very useful in terms of development.
The importance of social media, blogging and marketing strategies will be discussed as well, and the audience will be presented with some start-up success stories.

One of the selected testimonals chosen to inspire the young audience is Enrico Purgato, ID Factory General Manager.
He will describe how The ID Factory managed to develop an application which is able to combine the most relevant information about the quality, safety and origins of the materials used to produce footwear (leather, textiles, synthetic fabrics); and he will explain how both customers and producers are now able to access these data using the latest mobile devices.
The ID Factory is glad to have the opportunity to introduce its work to a young audience and is ready to answer all questions about its activities.


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