How can digital traceability make leather supply chains more sustainable?


With Sadesa, a leading tanning group strongly committed to sustainability, we focused on the role of technology, environmental compliance and circular economy in the leather industry and much more.

This video interview aims at recognizing Sadesa as one of the best Traceability Performers over more than 300 users that are actually using the ID Factory platform.


Topics of the interview


0:00 – Intro

0:17 – Presentation

04:28 – What’s the role of corporate sustainability in the leather industry?

06:41 – Traceability according to Sadesa

7:47 – Transparency in the Leather Supply Chain

09:28 – The main advantages of having a Supply Chain traceability system in place

12:51 – The role of technology in leather industry

14:09 – Customers’ expectations for sustainability

16:57 – Leather is a By Product 

18:22 – Leather production for a circular economy 

19:40 – How does Sadesa communicate its sustainability credentials?


▶️ Mission: we want to promote a path of co-evolution with our users, building more traceable and transparent fashion value chains. 

Thanks to Sadesa and its work we are taking a step forward in this direction.


▶️ How did we reward it?

Having a high traceability ranking means that the users of the platform (tanneries, pu/fabric vendors, outsole and insole suppliers, etc..) are providing their clients a high quality service by scanning the QR code for each material to be shipped.

The traceability report is automatically created as the platform user scans the QR code on the material type. The higher the accuracy of the report, the higher the final score we gave to the user.

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