Honest Conversation

A very interesting initiative: not complex titles, not strict plan to follow, not a sales pitch.

A simple, interactive, and honest conversation between multiple people with different backgrounds and seniority but with an intellectual intelligence to conduct an interesting discussion focused on supporting the fashion industry to embrace a more sustainable approach.

Biweekly brainstorming sessions is the format of Cuztom Collective, a multidisciplinary team:



Several interesting topics of the fashion industry on their agenda and on 30th July the discussion was focus on The role of certifications on the fashion industry:

  • What are certifications and what are not?
  • Certificate by: NGO? Private entity? Multi-stakeholder initiative? Brand?… 
  • To certificate what? Product? Company?…
  • What about the auditor Body
  • And why not talk about the fake certificate?


This is some of the questions discussed during this brainstorming/webinar, some question got reply, some didn’t but at the end of the day, this is what probably makes the difference between a boring lesson and an energetic discussion.

A really interesting consideration touched by Marzia Lanfranchi that totally match with our vision at The ID Factory is that whatever we can say about, in reality, certification should not be the aim but simply the facilitator, and the big, complex and consistent job should be done into the mindset of the corporates, the managers, the persons that operate into this system and why not…the consumers too.

Initiatives like Fashion Revolution, Good on You, B Corp and many others is working on this area with great results and, more and more is coming in this new era of fashion. 

This industry as a divine untouchable entity looks like not have chance to change and probably is right, if we still talk about it in this way but, if we stop one minute and we realize that at the end of the day is the people that create it every day and we consider that everyday people decide if change, well then we have probably much more chance to make some difference.




Brainstormings like Cuztom Collective can be extremely powerful, giving valuable information to the people without expecting nothing back, this can create a value that soon or later will evolve in a wave.

In The ID Factory we feel the same and that’s why we start our program of The IDea Factory exactly to share ideas without the target to have the right or gives reply but with a simple goal, let people involved in fashion( and not) find for themself some more right question.

Let’s see what the next topic of Cuztom Collective talk on 10th September, join the conversation, strongly recommend.

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