Greenwashing: Do you know what you’re buying?


With Sustainable Talks with N&N – Niccolo Duranti, Senior Director Fabrics and materials FTW and Accessories at Michael Kors, and Nicolò Giusti, Senior Manager Sourcing and Production at Tommy Hilfiger – we discussed the problem of greenwashing in the fashion industry, trying to answer the question “can fashion be sustainable? ”.


Topics of the interview

0:00 – Intro

0:35 – Presentation

02:24 – Why did you create Sustainable Talks?

04:46 – Why is it important to race Awareness of sustainability in fashion?

09:30 – Who is Sustainable Talks targeting?

11:30 – What is the main driver for Sustainability in your opinion?

15:48 – What is greenwashing in your opinion?

18:49 – The role of transparency and traceability in sustainable fashion

23:06 – The biggest achievement of Sustainable Talks

26:51 – The Tricky Question: “if you had a magic power, what would you do to make the fashion industry more sustainable?”


Traceability Journey is a project by The ID Factory. Our mission is to raise awareness about the importance of traceability for sustainable value chains. We are doing this by engaging with ESG consultants and sharing best practices from the fashion supply chain.

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