Eurofins Scientific, World leader in food, environment, pharma product testing & agroscience CRO services; 50000 staff in 800 labs in 50 countries, held on 21 October a webinar to introduce a breakthrough service called “Inspection Module” part of “Eurofins Assurance Online”.


The webinar was introduced by Ms.Fiona Fong, Senior Marketing Manager of Eurofins Consumer Products Assurance, after highlighted the importance of data-driven assurance for every buyer and supplier in the consumer products supply chain, she focuses her attention on the services provided by Eurofins and the global presence that is important for brands with a global value-chain.


After the introduction of Ms.Fiona Fong, Benoît Aubet General Manager of Eurofins Consumer Products Assurance takes the floor and starts his presentation with the same questions: “Why data is Important?”, “It’s important to remind why data is important because in our daily working life we usually forget it”.

Data needs to be the key for change from a traditional sourcing model, where data was used to rise efficiency and lower costs to a new digital life, especially in this period, where digital solutions are adopted by business to maintain continuity. 


On this point an interesting analysis published by McKinsey Digital, “The COVID-19 recovery will be digital: A plan for the first 90 days” reveals that the digital transformation driven by the pandemic will continue during the recovery period and 75% of people using digital channels for the first time indicate that they will continue to use them when things return to “normal”.


The new service is part of EAOL (Eurofins Assurance OnLine) an online platform, link to on-site services by Eurofins that can be linked to a PLM or use by stand-alone: Mr.Benoît Aubet presents a live demo of the services and we assist to a clear view of all the futures and data and graphs that can be analyzed with this powerful tools that can also be customized with personal needs.


A great presentation held by the Eurofins for this new tool that can be an helps to brands with a global value-chain.


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