How do companies feel about traceability?

The ID Factory has recently attended two prominent international events about manufacturing and the leather industry: Mipel and Lineapelle.

We took the opportunity to conduct a survey about traceability, asking questions about its implementation and the way in which it is perceived by companies.
The results outlined some interesting trends that we are going to discuss below.

During the course of the two events we asked different questions to participants, but the main question was the same both at Mipel and Lineapelle: how much does sustainability means to each company?

The answers profiled a common viewpoint among the attending companies: more than half of the firms considers sustainability to be substantial, and the remainder is almost entirely oriented towards considering it as a company target – only a small percentage of the involved firms described it as unimportant.

However, despite the positive opinion expressed about sustainability, about two-thirds of the companies attending Mipel are not using any specific method to verify the sustainability of their production yet. More than one half of the firms which do it draws upon certifications, while the others rely on internal models.
Furthermore, only about one-third of the abovementioned companies has already implemented a monitoring system of the raw materials. On the other hand, one half of them is already attacheing codes to their final products in order to allow traceability.

Turning to Lineapelle, the survey highlighted that more than two-thirds of the involved companies assert that their customers are sensitive to the issue of traceability. This stance is supported by the number of companies which are currently using internal traceability systems, a result that has been profiled by an allocation of answers similar to the one registered on the previous issue.
In accordance with these results, most of the involved companies is sharing traceability data with their customers, besided using them internally.

All things considered, we can state that sustainability and traceability seem to represent a primary goal for a large number of companies, and we couldn’t be more glad about it.
We are confident that companies will soon implement new and better strategies to match their awareness. We believe that the spread of traceability is just a matter of time.

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