Code of Ethics: The ID Factory’s principles and values

In this article we are going to summarise and describe The ID Factory’s Code of Ethics, a document that reflects the company’s mission and policies.


Since the Code of Ethics is a key instrument for shaping corporate identity, every organization should carefully draft it on the basis of its goals and awareness.
In order to make ours, we have decided to pinpoint our main concerns and think of possible solutions while focusing on our beliefs.


Our Code of Ethics sets the corporate principles and establishes the rules of conduct which must be observed by partners, associates, the personnel and the independent contractors who work with The ID Factory. The aim of these principles is to guarantee company reliability and reputation in order to comply with the corporate image and Mission.


The values behind The ID Factory relate to the following ethical principles:


1) Compliance with the Law
The ID Factory is committed to observing the legal provisions and the regulations in force in every country the company works in.


2) Integrity
Reliability, honesty, and transparency – we want to develop authentic human and business relationships, and we expect the same from our partners.


3) Confidentiality
Privacy matters. That is why we always make sure that your data are processed carefully and in full compliance with the law.


4) Respect for the individual
We believe that human resources are the key to a fair, successful business. For this reason, The ID Factory promotes meritocracy, equal opportunities, and anti-discrimination policies.


5) Fair competition
We think that competition is an essential tool for economic development. Our competitors encourage us to strive for better results: they are not enemies – they are a source of inspiration.


6) Environmental protection
Awareness-raising about eco-friendliness is one of our main goals. As a company focused on traceability, one of our main concerns is to ensure that more and more industries will embrace sustainability in the near future.


The ID Factory is very invested in the spread of its Code of Ethics because the interested parties are a key factor of observance: they are able to report any problems and flaws to the Company so that every critical issue can be confronted and solved as soon as possible.
Moreover, The ID Factory is committed to develop and update the Code in accordance with the organisational, commercial, and financial developments of the Company.


Does your company have its own Code of Ethics? How much does it inspire your daily work?

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