Certifications: The ID Factory joins Sustainable Apparel Coalition

Sustainable Apparel

The ID Factory has recently joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, a network which describes itself as an “alliance for sustainable production”. SAC‘s main purpose is to promote an apparel, footwear, and textile industry that is not harmful to the people, communities, and places associated with its activities.


The affiliation includes brands, retailers, manufacturers and goverments/NGOs. Every kind of members aims to specific goals, and SAC is committed to each of them. Sustainability plays a crucial role: brands, retailers and manufacturers have a shared interest in achieving and communicating their sustainability targets. On the other hand, academia and NGOs are eager to offer recommendations for best practices and provide an incisive perspective from outside the industry.


The Sustainable Apparel Coalition supports all of its members around the world with a crucial tool: the Higg Index. Conceived and developed by SAC, the Higg Index provides an all-encompassing overview aimed at measuring and scoring a company’s sustainability performance. By monitoring every products manufacturing stages, the Index is able to empower businesses while ensuring the protection of workers, local communities, and our planet.


Thanks to the Higg Index, customers can better understand the impact of the fashion industry, and manufacturing facilities can be ranked according to their environmental and social impact. At the same time, global brands and retailers can assess the sustainability of their products lifecycle as well as its impact across the value chain.


The ID Factory has chosen to join the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to take part in a global movement for change. By embracing the core values of SAC and coming together with our peers and competitors we are actively committing ourselves to transparency and best practices.


We firmly believe that this kind of circular cooperation can benefit the industry as a whole, and paves the way for a meaningful evolution.

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