A cultural innovation project: Zanella Virtual Reality

The project: Zanella VR, the poet tells himself


When innovation meets the past, culture and tradition, a unique and precious experience can only be born.

The Zanella VR project was born from the idea of ​​our founder Massimo Brandellero, supporter and lover of the local culture, eager to celebrate and make the right contribution to the bicentenary of the birth of one of the greatest Venetian poets, Giacomo Zanella.

Supported by the municipal council of Chiampo and a group of local entrepreneurs, together with a young innovative company Digital Mosaik, specialized in virtual reality, he has given shape to a project of cultural innovation.

The goal is to give life to the memory of a great poet, telling his verses through an innovative language. A journey through time, a return to childhood and memories in what was Zanella’s home, with the vigil in the room of the fireplace, the shy violet peeking out in the garden and the famous fossil shell.

The most modern and avant-garde technologies have been used to meticulously reconstruct the poet’s house in 3D and all the details that are part of it. In this way, all of Zanella’s texts and poems magically come to life through a figurative representation of the same which, accompanied by the theatrical voice of the poet, transport the spectators on a journey through time.


Our support to the community: the importance of spreading culture among young people


The ID Factory srl Società Benefit firmly believes in a new way of doing business. The purpose of our economic activity not only provides for profit and profit sharing, but pursues multiple purposes of common benefit by operating in a transparent and sustainable way. The company promotes positive impact activities in the community in which it operates, enhances and disseminates the use of innovative technological tools, through educational and cultural promotion projects using collaborations with other organizations.

Culture and education are essential tools for man, indispensable for understanding and being aware of what we are, what we do and what we go towards. It is necessary to know the past, to understand the present and orient the future, said Thucydides. Culture is the engine of change and progress not only technological and economic but also social and cultural. Today’s students will be the shapers of tomorrow, so they must be aware of their social value as a contribution and construction of a new society, capable of transforming change into improvement (1).

The company puts itself at the service of the territory with the aim of generating well-being and shared value and promotes a cultural change where all members of the community focus on the new generations.


The benefits and results of the project


The spread of culture and poetry through such an innovative means of communication, such as virtual reality, has many advantages in terms of engagement and involvement. The educational project intended not only for young people, but also for adults, arouses greater attention and interest in the recipients. The experience is an interactive journey that allows the individual to come into close contact with Zanella’s poetry, immersing himself completely in a past that could only be imagined by reading the poet’s verses.

The initiative was not designed exclusively to celebrate the bicentenary of Zanella’s birth but is destined to last over time as a cultural and educational tool for children, students and adults. The 3D reality viewers will be given to the numerous schools and will be available for events dedicated to the poet. Furthermore, in various appointments, 3D viewers can be worn to get to know Zanella’s house and to experience the emotion of some of his most famous poems with him.


(1) Alessandro Rosina, professor of demography, director of the statistical science department at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan

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